Lisa Finch writes.


 Fiction anthologies:





A mysterious young woman pushes a baby carriage past George's window at the exact same time every day. It peaks his curiosity until he can't stand it anymore. Should he mind his own business? Is ignorance bliss? Find out in this odd little tale, "The Lovely Thing" featured in Now Playing in Theater B. (A Murder of Storytellers Press, 2016). Available on Amazon.






Childhood can be a nightmare.  Why would anyone relive such horror?  Find out in the short story,  "Amygdala" from the anthology Beyond the Nightlight  (A Murder of Storytellers Press, 2014). Available on Amazon.





A government experiment and a guy who thinks he can outsmart them.  Find out what happens in "You Can't Take It With You" from the anthology, Robbed of Sleep Volume 2 (Troy Blackford Publications, 2014). Available on Amazon.