Lisa Finch writes.


                                               Another Memory

                                     By Pamela Ridley



© By Lisa Finch




     The pages turned all too quickly as I read Another Memory.  I wanted to savour it, take it slow, but it was impossible.  This novel, Pamela Ridley’s third, is that good.

     Ridley’s characters ring true.  Chelly is tough yet sweet, complicated, and emotionally broken.  She barely survives the tragic deaths of her husband, in-laws and her baby girl, Maya.    The bittersweet appearance of five-year-old Maya makes us wonder.  Is her ghost real or is Chelly slipping into insanity?

     Then Chelly meets Sean, the son of her tenant, Kelvin. Sean is warm, intelligent, handsome, talented.  What’s not to love?  Besides, how can you resist a man who would drop everything to go to his dying father after twenty years of almost no contact?  These questions are not easily answered by Chelly as she struggles with her feelings for Sean.  Sean, however, is very clear about his feelings for Chelly. 

     Because of Kelvin’s history, it’s hard to know what to expect from him.  But his insight, honesty, humour and dignity win us over.  He shows us that life is not always what we planned, but it is, after all, what we make of it.

     The minor characters are seamlessly woven into the incredible tapestry that is Another Memory.  All the characters reveal themselves for the sometimes quirky, always true-to-life people that they are. You just have to find out what happens to them.

     The story’s complications never cease.  Chelly and Sean face more than any couple should.  Their lives, their love, is not an easy road.  Just when it seems the story can’t get any better, the ride takes a life or death turn.

     Readers, hang on to your seats.  Every moment of Another Memory is captivating.



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